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Bonnie Jean Spencer married Dr. Leonard Paul Stoltz 26 January 1953 at Brownsville, Texas. Her father was Lowry Penrod Spencer, born 12 February 1901 in Mississippi, and her mother was Lottie Hartman, born 11 September 1903 at Maxwell, Texas. Lowry Spencer was a mechanic. Lowry and Lottie Spencer lived at Brownsville, Texas. They had seven children: (1) Larry Hartman, (2) Herman Penrod, (3) Edna Mae (Szymeczek), (4) Roy Wilson, (5) James Renfrow, (6) *Bonnie Jean (Stoltz), and (7) Charlotte Ann (Thomas). Lowry Spencer died 25 April 1976 and Lottie died 24 September 1976; burial at Buenas Vista Cemetery, Brownsville, Texas.

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Spencer, Bonnie Jean (I2)

Charles died in infancy.

Stoltz, Charles (I91)

Dorothy Ann Faber, 9 November 1926 at Kankakee, Illinois. Dorothy was born 4 February 1907 at Lufkin, Texas. Her father was John Bart Faber, born 17 July 1860 at Chicago, Illinois, and her mother was Anna Margaret Schubert, born 14 May 1874 at Frankfort, Germany. They were members of the Catholic Church. John Faber was first married to Anna Young. From their union in marriage he had three children: (1) Fred, (2) Rose (Begnoche), and (3) Lillian (Shoup). Anna (Young) Faber died about 1900. She is buried at Mound Grove Cemetery, Kankakee, Illinois. She was a member of the Catholic Church. John Faber married second Anna Margaret Schubert at Kankakee, Illinois. John and Anna Faber had six children: (4) Mary, (5) *Dorothy Ann (Stoltz), (6) Lawrence, (7) John, (8) Francis, and (9) Ann (McGrath). John Faber died 17 May 1934 and Anna died 22 May 1949; burial at Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Kankakee, Illinois.

Faber, Dorothy Ann (I7)

Eva Weyl was born 15 May 1858 about two miles northwest of Stoltz School in Wabash County, Illinois. Her father was Henry Whyle (note spelling), born in Germany, and Elizabeth 11 it. Henry Whyle married his first wife in Germany and had three children: (1) Robert Weyl, (2) Charles Weyl, and (3) "____" Weyl. Henry and his family came to America in the 1840's. They settled northwest of Stoltz School. It is uncertain if Henry changed the spelling of his name from Whyle to Weyl or if he accepted the U. S. census taker's spelling. Henry's first wife died young and he married second Elizabeth 11 it and had five children from this marriage: (4) William, (5) Louisa, (6) Lizzie (Strine), (7) Frances, and (8) *Eva (Stoltz).
George and Eva Stoltz after their marriage moved to his father's land about one-fourth mile south of Stoltz School. On the 9th of May 1881 he bought 40 acres of this land from his father and mother for $700; recorded and located as follows: S.W. 1/4 of S.W. 1/4 of Section 21, Township 1 North, Range 13 West of Second Principal Meridian, Lick Prairie Precinct, Wabash County, Illinois. In 1885 he purchased the S.E. 1/4 of N. E. 1/4 (40 acres) of Section 16, Township 1 North, Range 13 West of Second Principal Meridian, Lancaster Precinct, Wabash County, Illinois, from his father and mother for $250. George built on the 40 acres south of his father's homestead, but never built on the 40 acres in Section 16. George and Eva were faithful members of the Jordan Creek Lutheran Church located about two miles southwest of Lancaster, Illinois. Eva Stoltz met an untimely death 11 June 1895. Her youngest daughter, Emma, was only fifteen months old. Burial is at Old Brick Cemetery, Jordan Creek Lutheran Church. Eva Stoltz, the oldest daughter, who was ten years old, helped her father raise-the family except for baby Emma who was taken by Margaret Kolhouse, her father's sister who lived near. Emma continued to live with her Aunt Margaret.

Weyl, Eva (I11)

Henrietta never married.

Stoltz, Henrietta (I94)

Malvina Landry was born 1 January 1886 at Damar, Kansas. Malvina was the daughter of Stanislos Frank Landry, born in 1850 at L'abbe St. Pau, Canada, and Marceline Trembly, born 1 January 1850 at Chambly Pra de, Quebec, Canada. They were of French-Canadian extraction. They first lived in St. Leon, Canada, but later moved to Michigan, then Kansas, and then to Kankakee, Illinois, where they made their permanent home. Stanislos served one year in the Michigan 46th Regiment during the Civil War. Besides working in lumber, he was a tobacco grower and later in life he was a sexton. Stanislos and Marceline Landry had six children: (1) George (b. 1870-d. 1953), (2) Arthur, (b. 1872 d. 1937), (3) Fred (b. 1874), (4) Emma (Lamotte) (b. 1877 - d. 1942), (5) Napoleon (b. 1880 - d. 1945), and (6) *Malvina Mary (Stoltz).
Arthur Landry's son, James Landry, is coach of the Dallas Cowboys professional football team.
Stanislos Landry died 1 June 1910 and Marceline died 25 February 1908; burial at St. Rose Catholic Cemetery, Kankakee, Illinois.
Clarence and Malvina Stoltz lived at Bradley, Illinois and were members of the St. Joseph's Catholic Church. After several years of working at different manufacturing companies, Clarence gave up factory work and he and his cousin Ora Seibert formed a partnership in the plastering business which he maintained until his retirement. His two sons, Earl and Clarence, continued in the plastering contracting business. During the time Clarence was in business, he was secretary and treasurer of the Plasterer's Union #37, a member of the Knights of Columbus, and the Fidelity Lodge.
Clarence Stoltz died 29 May 1940 and Malvina died 31 March 1974; burial at St. Rose Catholic Cemetery, Kankakee, Illinois. Clarence and Malvina had nine children all born at Bradley, Illinois.
64431. Irene Isabelle Stoltz, born 18 March 1904. Irene had a ruptured appendix which caused her death 19 September 1923 at age nineteen years; burial at St. Rose Catholic Cemetery, Kankakee, Kankakee County, Illinois.
64432. Herman Arthur Stoltz, born 7 March 1906. See Number 64432.
64433. Isabell Ida Stoltz, born 24 April 1908. See Number 64433.
64434. Florence Yvonne Stoltz, born 2 May 1911. See Number 64434.
64435. Earl August Stoltz, born 11 May 1913. See Number 64435.
64436. Opal Mary-Rose Stoltz, born 16 August 1915. See Number 64436.
64437. Robert Paul Stoltz, born 2 December 1918. Robert contracted German measles, followed by pneumonia, which proved fatal. He died 23 January 1921; burial at St. Rose Catholic Cemetery, Kankakee, Illinois.
64438. Clarence Ora Stoltz, born 5 April 1921. See Number 64438.
64439. Dorothy Irene Stoltz, born 15 October 1924. See Number 64439.

Landry, Malvina Mary (I9)

Margaret Hinkle was born 1 February 1821 in Davidson County, North Carolina. She was the daughter of Peter Hinkle III, born 10 September 1796 near Rowan County, North Carolina, and Elizabeth Wilson, born about ' 1800 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Peter Hinkle and Elizabeth Wilson were married 3 February 1820 in Rowan County, North Carolina. See Hinkle Family Lineage. Shortly after his marriage, George rented a farm in the vicinity of Friendsville, Illinois. He farmed and did carpentry work for the next nine years. In 1850 he purchased his father's homestead 80 acre farm -- the E. 1/2 of the S.E. 1/4 of Section 20, Township 1 North, Range 13 West of the 2nd Principal Meridian, Lick Prairie Precinct, Wabash County, Illinois. George and his family moved in with his father and stepmother and continued to live with them until his stepmother, Susan (Marx) Stoltz's death about 1860. His father continued to live with George and his family and with his daughters, Eva Maria Marx and Dorothea Barnhart.
Sometime during the late 1870's or early 1880's, George built a new twostory house and a barn from commercially sawed lumber. This house was just south of the old log house which was then used for other purposes. George was a successful farmer and purchased additional acreage. In 1864 he purchased 80 acres for $850 from William Mahon; this acreage lying just across the road west of his farm, described as the S. 1/2 of the S.W. 1/4 of Section 21, Township 1 North, Range 13 West of the 2nd Principal Meridian, Wabash County, Ill. In 1866 he purchased 40 acres for $390 from George Schearer described as the N.E. 1/4 of the N.E. 1/4 of Section 29. This acreage was formerly owned by Henry Boden, whose sister Carolina E. Boden married John Fornoff, Sr. See Branch II, Boden Family Lineage. George purchased another 80 acre tract, the date and price of purchase not actually confirmed, located about two miles south of Lancaster, Illinois, described as the E. 1/2 of the N.E. 1/4 of Section 16. See Wabash County map.
George Stoltz was a civic-minded citizen. He had a strong belief in the education of the children of the community and was a strong supporter of the Jordan Creek Lutheran Church located about two miles north of his home, near Lancaster, Illinois. In September of 1852, George was listed as a subscriber to the Jordan Creek Lutheran Church Club whose function pertained to the church's finances. In 1853 he was elected a trustee of the Jordan Creek Lutheran Church, a position he retained for twelve years.
In April of 1874 George was elected Trustee of Schools for Township 1 N., Range 13 West, Wabash County, Illinois. He held this position for two consecutive terms. He was instrumental in organizing School District #10 for Stoltz Prairie, the name given the vicinity where the Stoltz's lived. The nearest schools to Stoltz Prairie were Buzzard Roost, Cabbage Corner, Lick Prairie, Armstrong and Long Prairie. See Wabash County map. The school district was duly formed and established by general law and was called Stoltz School. Three school trustees or directors were elected. The Wabash County map shows Stoltz School District #10's boundary by dotted lines. On 11 April 1870 George Stoltz and wife Margaret conveyed by warranty deed to trustees of Stoltz School District #10 a 100 foot square off the N.E. corner of the E. 1/2 of the S.E. 1/4 of Section 20, Township 1 North, Range 13 West of the 2nd Principal Meridian, Lick Prairie Precinct, Wabash County, Illinois, for the sum of $5 for said tract of land to be used for school purposes and said property to revert back to the original property when abandoned for school purposes: filed and recorded 24 June 1871, 11 A.M. at the Wabash County Court House, Mt. Carmel, Ill. A log school house was promptly constructed and the first school session was held in the spring of 1872. Several years later the log school house caught fire and burned. A new frame building was constructed about 26' x 42' facing east. School was held in the building until the close of the school year in 1925. My mother and her brother and sisters attended this school. In 1925 it was sold to Norman Stoltz whose farm was one-fourth mile south of the school site. A new school building was immediately constructed facing north. In 1939 this building caught tire from an overheated coal furnace and burned, destroying all of the school's records. A new modern school building was erected on the same site with a basement and ventilated heating system. School was held in this building until 1948 when the district became a part of the Consolidated Wabash Community Unit #348, thus ending 75 years of service to the community and youth of Stoltz Prairie. The Stoltz School building after the consolidation was moved to Lancaster and used for the sixth grade. A few years later the building was purchased by the Ruritan Club and moved to its present location in Lancaster, Illinois.
From the records that were available at the Wabash County Court House, family records, and memory of older natives of Stoltz School District #10, a partial listing of teachers was obtained. Rural schools at this time and until about 1900 conducted a fall term, a winter term, and a spring term, making the school year a total of four to eight months. It is unfortunate that the name of the first teacher and several subsequent teachers of Stoltz School are unknown. It is known, however, that Sam A. Mayne and William Wetzel taught one or more school years, but the dates are unknown. Both of these men later became county superintendent of schools. The first county superintendent of school's office was located at Friendsville, Illinois. Friendsville at this early date was considered a large town, boasting of two doctors, an ice house, a grist mill, a feed store, two general merchandise stores, and a United States post office.
Following are the names of the teachers and the dates of the school year they taught Stoltz School.
1872-1873 unknown 1891-1892 Bertha Johnson, 1 month
1873-1874 unknown Mary Marx & Martin Nelgin
1874-1875 George Stoltz, Jr. 1892-1893 Bertha Johnson and
George married Eva Samuel Marx
Weyl, one of his pupils. 1893-1894 P. J. Kolb
1875-1876 George Stoltz, Jr. 1894-1895 P. J. Kolb
1876-1877 Unknown 1895-1896 Harlan Couch
1877-1878 Mr. Hazelton 1896-1897 Harlan Couch
1878-1879 Mr. Hazelton 1897-1898 Mae Lucas
1879-188o William Foster. 1898-1899 Mae Lucas
William Foster married 1899-1900 Bert Lucas
Clara Ellen Stoltz, a sis- 1900-1901 Bert Lucas
ter to George Stoltz, Jr. 1901-1902 Robert Gould
188o-1881 William Foster 1902-1903 Robert Gould
1881-1882 Unknown 1903-1904 Unknown
1882-1883 William Foster 1904-1905 Frank Hochgieger
1883-1884 Ada Bullard 1905-1906 Frank Hochgieger
1884-1885 Samuel Stoltz, son of 1906-1907 Alvah Seibert
Fredrick Stoltz, a 1907-1908 Charles Fisher
brother to Johann 1908-1909 Ora Woods
George Stoltz 1909-1910 Laura McQuary
1885-1886 Samuel Stoltz 1910-1911 Clifford Price
1886-1887 George Stoltz, Jr. 1911-1912 Clifford Price
1887-1888 George Stoltz, Jr. 1912-1913 Virgil Stallins
1888-1889 William A. Hazelton 1913-1914 E. Guy Pixley
1889-1890 William A. Hazelton 1914-1915 E. Guy Pixley
1890-1891 Emma McGregor and Lillie 1915-1916 Effie Marx, daughter of
Hinderliter, mother of John Henry Marx.
Gladys Kathleen Seibert 1916-1917 Vern Leeds
who married William 1917-1918 Irwin Stoltz, son of John
Edward Stoltz. See Hamilton Stoltz, a brother
Branch II, Number 6256. to George Stoltz, Jr.
1918-1919 Irwin Stoltz 1932-1933 Paul Deisher
1919-1920 Virgil Stallins 1933-1934 Paul Deisher
1920-1921 Virgil Stallins 1934-1935 Paul Deisher
1921-1922 Irwin Stoltz 1935-1936 Paul Deisher
1922-1923 Earl F. Liddle 1936-1937 Eurus Stoltz
1923-1924 Earl F. Liddle 1937-1938 Eurus Stoltz
1924-1925 Earl F. Liddle 1938-1939 Neva Marx
1925-1926 Hugo Mayne 1939-1940 Neva Marx
1926-1927 Hugo Mayne and 1940-1941 Dora Ankenbrandt
Julia Oaks 1941-1942 Opal (Cunningham) Byram
1927-1928 Julia Oaks 1942-1943 Opal (Cunningham) Byram
1928-1929 Neoma Wilcox and James 1943-1944 Edith Rayzor
Marx for 1 month 1944-1945 Mrs. Leola Treece
1929-1930 Paul Deisher, grandson of 1945-1946 Marjorie (Tedrick) Camp
John Deisher and Mary 1946-1947 Edgar Ramsey
Eliza Stoltz, daughter 1947-1948 Leona Deisher
of Adam Stoltz and
Margaret Leipold.
1930-1931 Paul Deisher
1931-1932 Paul Deisher
Stoltz School District #10 was discontinued and dissolved under school consolidation in 1948 and the district became a part of the newly formed Wabash Community Unit District #348. The new District #348 also included the schools at Lancaster, Illinois.
Also see a picture of a Stoltz School class of 1894-1895. This is the oldest picture of a Stoltz School class that could be found among the Stoltz family records. In this picture are my two aunts, Mary and Cora Stoltz. My mother, Blanche Stoltz, was absent. Pupils who have an asterisk before their names are recorded in the Stoltz Genealogy.

es Deisher, 3. *Edgar Stoltz, 4. Teacher, P. J. Kolb, 5. Ammon Smith, 6. *Allen Miller, 7. *Mary Marx, 8. *Elizabeth (Lizzie) Marx, 9. *Mary Magdalena Leipold, (Lizzie Marx and Mary Leipold were visitors), 10. *Mary Stoltz.
Second row from top: 11. *Isyman J. Miller, 12. *George Seibert, 13. Lou Miller, 14. *Ike Marx, 15. James Case, 16. Lizzie Fowler, 17. Lilly Knells, 18. *Nora Leipold (visitor), 19. Cora Smith, 20. *Amy Nelgin.
Third row from top: 21. Sam Wilcox, 22. Coe Case, 23. Leslie Fowler, 24. *Gid Marx, 25. Otto Smith, 26. Effie Weyl, 27. *Nora Miller, 28. Nora Deisher, 29. Mattie Smith, 30. Lucretia Fowler, 31. Ellen Litherland, 32. *Elsie Miller, in front of #31.
Fourth row from top: 33. *William Litherland, 34. *Adam Seibert, 35. *Jess Case, 36. Ora Wilcox, 37. Frank Rose, 38. *Clarence Stoltz, 39. *Harvey Seibert, 40. Clarence Weyl, 41. Guy Case, 42. *Lee Miller, 43. Frances Litherland (Frances diqd a few months after this picture was taken.)
Fifth row from top: 44. *Bert Marx, 45. Gid Seibert, 46. Alvah Seibert, 47. *Eva Stoltz, 48. *Katie Marx, 49. *Eva Seibert, 50. Bertha Litherland, 51. Nellie Smith, 52. *Cora Stoltz, 53. Clotie Weyl, 54. *Verma Marx, 55. Laura Wilcox.
Sixth row from top: 56. *Carl Stoltz, 57. Johnny Wilcox, 58. *Otto Stoltz, 59. *Henry Smith, 60. *Ora Marx.
George Stoltz was an ardent Democrat. He was well respected and was regarded as a good citizen. His warm and friendly manner made him very popular with his friends and neighbors. In the latter years of his life he was affectionately called 'Grandpa Stoltz'.
George's farm, the original Stoltz homestead, was sold to Joshua Utherland, appraised value of $2400 or S.30 per acre. The estate was settled 1 May 1893. The estate included 20 acres of timberland valued at $350. When Joshua Litherland died this farm was purchased by his son William Litherland, who married second Minnie Stallings, granddaughter of Andrew Stoltz, the second son of Johann George Stoltz. See Number 642. This farm is currently awned by Mrs. Minnie Litherland and her son Loren and daughter Roberta. At this date (1979) only two of the original Adam Johann Stoltz's farms remain in the Stoltz family. George's, above, and his brother Adam Stoltz's, now owned by and Mrs. Lilly (Stoltz) Gehret and her two daughters.
George Stoltz and Margaret Hinkle had thirteen children all born at Stoltz Prairie, Wabash County, Illinois.
641. Henry Stoltz, born 16 December 1841. See Number 641.
642. Andrew Stoltz, born 24 May 1843. See Number 642.
643. Peter Stoltz, born 10 September 1844. See Number 643.
644. George Stoltz, born 23 May 1846 See Number 644.
645. Mary Ann Stoltz, born 6 December 1847. Mary Ann died 31 January 1848. Burial is at Old Brick Cemetery, Jordan Creek Lutheran Church.
646. Swan Maria Stoltz, born 22 March 1849. See Number 646.
647. Sarah Elizabeth Stoltz, born 30 November 1850. See Number 647.
648. Franklin Stoltz, born 14 May 1852. See Number 648.
649. Jacob Stoltz, born 19 May 1854. See Number 649.
64-l0. John Hamilton Stoltz, born 6 June 1856. See Number 64-10.
64-11. Margaret Stoltz, born 17 May 1858. See Number 64-11.
64-12. Lora Emeline Stoltz, born 2 May 1860. See Number 64-12
64-13. Clara Ellen Stoltz, born 11 December 1862. See Number 64-13.
Following is a brief record of the Hinkle family lineage, the maternal ancestry of Margaret Hinkle, wife of Johann George Stoltz, as an allied family to Johann George Stoltz's family.

ote: A considerable amount of information was found on the ancestors in the Hinkle lineage, but unfortunately that information could not be entered here because of copyright and other publication restrictions on the material. For those interested in pursuing further their ancestral lineage in the Hinkle family, the information is available in the publication "The Hinkle Genealogy" compiled by William and Minnie Junkin and is on file in the Rowan Public Library, Salisbury, North Carolina. This publication has traced the lineage back to the early 1500's. Information of our own research from family, church, and public records, although meager, follows.
Margaret Hinkle, wife of Johann George Stoltz, was born 1 February 1821 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Her father was Peter Hinkle III, born 10 September 1796, and her mother was Elizabeth Wilson, born about 1800. Peter Hinkle III and Elizabeth Wilson (his first wife) had two children, both born in Rowan County, North Carolina: (1) *Margaret, born in 1821, and (2) Andrew, born about 1823. Andrew Hinkle had a son, Clarence Edward Hinkle. Clarence Edward Hinkle had a son, John Hinkle. John Hinkle had two sons: (1) Eddie Arnold Hinkle and (2) William Roy Hinkle. Eddie Arnold Hinkle was born 7 December 1945 at Fairfield, Illinois. He married Carolyn Johnston 4 April 1969. Carolyn was born 29 September 1942. Her father was Harvey Cecil Johnston, born 11 January 1913 and her mother was Hazel Evelyn Clevenger, born 3 October 1917. Eddie Arnold Hinkle and Carolyn have a son, John Shannon Hinkle, born 15 February 1970 at Flora, Illinois.
William Roy Hinkle was born 9 April 1948 at Fairfield, Illinois. He married Eva June Draper 1 December 1968. She was born 25 June 1949 at Wayne City, Illinois. Eva's father was Harry Ace Draper, born 25 April 1924 and her mother was Norma Lucille Turner, born 23 January 1925 at Sesser, Illinois. William and Eva (Draper) Hinkle have four children: (1) Chad Allen, born 25 September 1969, (2) Lance Ray, born 20 July 1973, (3) Nichole Lee, born 30 July 1974, and (4) Clinton Ace, born 11 February 1980.
Peter Hinkle III's first wife, Elizabeth Wilson, died in 1824 and Peter married second Magdalena Zink. Peter III and Magdalena had two sons: (1) Jacob and (2) John. Jacob Hinkle married first Clarissa Glick. They had two children: (1) John and (2) Emma. Clarissa Glick died 6 January 1856; burial is at the Moravian Cemetery, West Salem, Illinois, and Jacob Hinkle married second Elvira Hedrick. Jacob and Elvira had three children: (1) Mary, (2) Lucy, (3) Edgar. Jacob Hinkle died in 1918 and Elvira died in 1923. Both are buried in the Moravian Cemetery, West Salem, Illinois.
Peter Hinkle III and Magdalena's other son, John Hinkle, was born in 1830. No other information on John.
It was sometime around 1830 that Peter Hinkle III left North Carolina and came to West Salem, Illinois, where he purchased land and operated a blacksmith shop. His second wife, Magdalena Zink, died and Peter III married her sister, Susannah Zink. Peter III and Susannah Hinkle had ten children, all born near West Salem, Illinois: (1) Franklin, born 13 September 1832. He married first Lucy Caroline Percy and second Lizzie Curtiss. (2) Ellen, born 1834. (3) Hamilton, born 21 December 1836. Hamilton did not marry. He was killed in the civil war. (4) William, born 1838; died 1853. (5) Harrison, born 1840. (6) David, born 1843. (7) Suzan, born 1845. She married Henry Rothrock. (8) Emeline; died as an infant. (9) Francis, born in 1852. He married Martha Mercer. (10) Lora, born 1853.
Peter Hinkle III died 12 August 1861; burial in the Moravian Cemetery, West Salem, Illinois.

Hinkle, Margaret (I13)


6) at her residence.
A native of Lockhart, Tex., she had been a Brownsville resident for 50 years.
Survivors include three daughters, Mrs, Charlotte Thomas of Brownsville, Mrs. Bonnie Jean Stoltz of Lexington, Ky. and Mrs. Edna Mae Szymeczeke of Houston; four sons, Lowery H. Spencer of Las Vegas, Nev., Roy W. Spencer of Corpus Christi, Herman P. Spencer of Dallas and James R. Spencer of Los Angeles, Calif., two sisters, Mrs. Edna Wilson of Dennison, Tex. and Mrs. Elsie Clark of Dallas, and 20 grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held Monday at 2 p.m. at Darling-Mouser Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. H. Lee Griffin officiating with interment at Buena Vista Burial Park.
Pallbearers will be her sons, and George Szymeczete and James Schreiber.

Hartmann, Lottie (I27)
359 Spouse: Alfred Landry Landry, Lillian Celina (I500042)
360 Spouse: Arlie Burl Gardner Gardner, Cecelia Melvina (I500040)
361 Spouse: Ida Landry (born Lacoste) Landry, Napoleon (I500029)
362 Spouse: Isadore Landry Landry, Julia (I500025)
363 Spouse: Jacques Landry Frigon, Marguerite (I500033)
364 Spouse: Lillian Celina Landry (born Anderson) Landry, Alfred (I500027)
365 Spouse: Marguerite Frigon Landry, Jacques (I500032)
366 Spouse: Marguerite RĂ©millard Barrette, Pierre (I500036)
367 Spouse: Mathilde Paquin Landry, Isadore (I500024)
368 Spouse: Paul Austin Marineau Paquin, Mathilde (I500034)
369 Spouse: Pierre Barrette RĂ©millard, Marguerite (I500037)

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